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熱烈慶祝山東中昌集團成立27周年 中昌集團一路走來——初心不改、團結奮斗、創新進取、鑄就品牌 1993年4月18日,是中昌人永遠銘記的日子。 那一天,所有中昌人莊重宣誓:我們.. [閱讀全文]
About us
       Formerly named Laizhou Development and Construction Company, Shandong Zhongchang Development and Construction Group Co., Ltd. has developed into a group enterprise that involves real estate development, construction general contracting, steel structure installation, new building materials production, social welfare services,property service, cultural media, ecological agriculture, E-business, community o2o, environmental comprehensive treatment and so on during the past 20 years. Located in No. 1507, Chenggang South Road, the Economic and Technological Development Zone of Laizhou, Shandong and covering an area of 30 hectares, the company has the advantage of superior geographical position as well as convenient water and land transport. Currently with total assets of 3.7 billion yuan and more than 4500 employees including over 800 professionals, the company has 5 Divisions and 18sub branches. Besides, it owns more than 10 business qualifications such as the first-level qualification of housing construction general contracting, the first-level steel qualification of structure engineering contracting......      More>>
Address:Laizhou City,Shandong Province,the city of Cheng Gang Road, No. 1507 Phone:+86-0535-2290281
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